If the window does not fit on your screen, you can full screen! Press button in bottom right corner.

Test 28,  9/23/22, 

All  problem sections have randomly generated number in the questions, so you may practice again.  Every time you start a problem section, the score resets to zero  for that problem section.

Main Menu: Choose a lesson or problem set to study

My Account: Track your progress, choose a theme, username, and avatar

Calculator: Grab the corner to drag

Equation Sheet: List of equations, conversions, and units

Certs: unlock certification of completion of all practice problems and final exam


Lesson_A1: Unit conversion,   has animations of Train Tracks (3) 

Lesson_A2: Temperature conversions,  has thermometer slider toy

Lesson_A3: Percents and ppm conversions,  has pph and ppm animation

Lesson_B1: Area,   has rectangle AREA tool, circle AREA tool, 

Lesson_B2: Volume,   has round tank visual and rectangle tank visual

Lesson_C1:  has specific gravity slider,  pressure slider, 

Lesson_C2: Flow,   has pipe illustrations, 


Lesson D :  Select Inflow Screen to do lesson on water sources, inflow filter screens, and the capacity of the plant.

Lesson E :  Select Flocculant Chamber to do lesson on chemical addition, flash mixing, and the flocculation chamber.

Lesson F :  Select Sedimentation chamber to do lesson on settling.

Lesson G :  Select Filter to do lesson on filtration.

Lesson H :  Select Disinfection chamber to do lesson on disinfection and chlorination.

Lesson I :  Select Clearwater Storage to do lesson on storage and distribution.

All Practice Problems: All the problems in the game organized by section. Win a certificate for passing this section with 80%. (136 problems total)


Test: 3 random problems from each section. Win a certificate for passing this section with 80%.

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